Episode 11: Current Events

Current Events

Welcome to the PrimalCast podcast Episode 11. Trust us, this is not your pastor’s podcast! In this podcast, Jeff & Allen take on Current Events, Politics and Christianity’s trend towards using both – instead of the Gospel – to try and change the world. We talk about the Paris Bombing, the Islamic faith, Syrian Refugees, and the Sovereignty of God.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for the Colorado Springs families who lost loved ones in yesterday’s tragic events. Since we recorded this episode almost 2 weeks prior to that Active Shooter attacking Planned Parenthood yesterday, we don’t talk explicitily¬†about that shooting, but the principles and talking points on today’s episode include that specific form of evil, among others in the news of our world’s current events.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a major part of today’s show. While America’s own history would show that we have not traditionally treated refugees well, Jeff & Allen agree that we must do something as a nation – taking in whoever we can help, but at the same time remaining vigilant and watchful for those who would “act the fool.”

Many times, the background noise of our lives influences us more than we imagine. The solution is simple: Turn off the noise, and love those around you. We think that is exactly what Jesus would do.

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