Episode 12: People Get Ready


Welcome to Episode 12 of the PrimalCast podcast. In this “People Get Ready” episode, Jeff and Allen continue the discussion from Episode 11 of current events, and after catching up on recent life issues, talk about Preppers and living with hope in dark times.

What is your response to this observation by Jeff, “We’ve been sheltered for so long, any act of terrorism is shocking to us. It’s almost like watching the ESPN of Death – multiple angles, commentary, opinion pieces.”

These acts of violence are forcing us to think about things we’re not used to thinking about. The protections we’ve had for so long are being ripped away.

Active Shooter Drills are becoming commonplace, in worship spaces and in work places. Have you participated in any? Would you consider participating in a drill? Here’s a link to an article titled, “Violence At Church.

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