Episode 14: Resolutions

ResolutionsWelcome to Episode 14 of the PrimalCast podcast! In this final episode of 2015, Jeff & Allen talk about making New Year’s Resolutions and why resolutions often fail. They end the podcast by talking about new things coming in 2016 for the PrimalCast podcast.

As they talk about the making of resolutions, they discuss the retirement mentality, snow birds, goal-setting, Florida New Year’s Eve traditions, spiritual resolutions, kindergarten graduations, and many other related topics. Have you ever banged pots and pans at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Have you ever gone outside and fired a gun into the air to celebrate the New Year’s? Share your traditions with us by sending us an email, or commenting on this post.

You will also hear Allen read in this podcast several resolutions written by Puritan minister Jonathon Edwards, written in the 1730’s. Jonathan Edwards was a revivalist preacher, philosopher, and Congregationalist Protestant theologian.

If you’ve ever set and/or failed at a New Year’s Resolution, then you’ll want to listen in on this funny conversation.

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