Episode 16: Direction


Welcome to Episode 16 of the PrimalCast podcast! In this second episode of 2016, Jeff and Allen talk about Direction – specifically, having a defined direction to the things we want to change, an end game for the discipline it takes to make change happen in our lives.

In other words, as is said on the show, “Discipline without direction is drudgery.”

Lots of people want to better their lives, but we don’t have it within ourselves to change! Only God can truly change us from the inside out. So what purpose does discipline serve?

We find that changing habits takes intentionality and purpose, with an end game in mind. It’s not enough to make a resolution. Nor is it about finding relief. We have to let it go, turn it loose. We have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

But we so often think we can achieve change the same way we acquired the things we want to change! We try to manage our bad habits, manage our sin, and manage our behavior rather than seeking true transformation.

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