Episode 17: Baby Boom

Snowmageddon 2016

Welcome to Episode 17 of the PrimalCast! In this episode, titled “Baby Boom” Jeff and Allen start with a tribute to Glenn Frey of The Eagles, and then have a hilarious conversation about the books they are reading, the Snowmagedon of 2016 (and the forthcoming baby boom of October 2016), Preppers, running out of organic carrots and the general ability of natural disasters to take us back to the dark ages in a matter of hours. Oh, yes, and something about Beached Whales….

During the last segment of this episode, Jeff and Allen offer reviews of some recent movies, and some not-so-recent) like SouthPaw, The Revenant, Hateful 8, Black Mass, Calvary and El Camino.

This fun episode concludes with a discussion about the recent billion dollar Powerball, as well as the return of GranMammy Juanita Jackson in an unexpected phone call to the studio.


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