Episode 20: Color

Join Jeff and Allen in Episode 20 of the PrimalCast podcast as they talk about “Color” – adding creativity and beauty to our daily lives.

From music, to art, to woodworking, to tinkering in the garage, Jeff and Allen discuss their own artistic endeavors and encourage us all to make creativity part of our lives. They talk about how artists think differently than the rest of the world, how discipline factors into inspiration, about right-brain versus left-brain thinking, and about how Jeff is, in his own words, “empty-brained” most of the time!

In this episode Allen mentioned a Cigar Box Guitar that he made some time back. Here is a video of Arizona musician Joseph Koubek playing Allen’s guitar:

Jeff also talked about how he is learning to build an acoustic guitar. Please visit our Facebook Page to see photos of the guitar and track its progress.

If you are a listener of this podcast, and an artist, or know an artist that should be featured, be sure to comment below, send us a link or make a suggestion. In upcoming episodes, we hope to have a “Featured Artist” we can share with you.

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