Episode 28: Tennessee Whiskey

Welcome to PrimalCast Episode 28: Tennessee Whiskey! We invite you to join the conversation as Jeff and Allen talk about marriage – and explore why we get married, staying married, and putting in the work as opposed to taking the path of least resistance. In the face of difficult times, we talk about marriage as a partnership, often starting out on pure emotion but then moving to choosing to love as reality sets in.  Commitment versus laziness, emotion versus work – this is a tough, hard-hitting and timely episode.

Download this episode
 Download this episode

During the “In The Holster” segment, they talk about handgun holsters, and specifically name Sticky Holsters and that other holster Allen can’t wear. It would be great – if you purchase a Sticky Holster – to tell them you heard about them on PrimalCast. They do not sponsor our show – we just love their product and featured it in this segment.

Also in this episode, Allen talks about a poem written by his grandfather back in 1933. For those who asked, here is the poem:

rc patterson poem

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