Episode 29: Getting Comfortable

getting comfortable

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Welcome to episode 29 of PrimalCast! In this continuation of the conversation about marriage that Jeff & Allen started in episode 28, we dig a little deeper into marriage and how we all have a tendency to get comfortable (lazy) in our relationships. When Allen talks about the “why” changing as we grow and the relationship changes, Jeff reminds us of the Biblical story of building a tower – implying we need to prepare for change, growth and accountability.

The conversation moves to the concept of community – intentional accountability with a small group of people who can call you out, call you back, and with whom you “do life” together – even as a couple. “What if there were no secrets?” Jeff asks, and Allen moves to the subject of Personal Rights and why anger creeps into our lives.

This episode introduces a brand-new segment, titled “Shut Your Mouth” which we are having fun with, and think you’ll love.

Enjoy the show, and share PrimalCast with your friends and family! Thanks for joining us!!

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