Episode 33: White Bread

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In this hard-hitting episode 33, Jeff & Allen talk about the concept of “Primal”  and the history that led them to where they are in life today, namely the White Bread culture they both found themselves in, and their resulting reaction to it.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term White Bread “implies profound cultural naïvete, blind consumerism, and an unquestioning “follower” mindset. Common trappings of the whitebread lifestyle include golf, Kenny G and Enya CDs, SUVs, an irrational fixation on lawn care, Golden Retrievers, nominally Christian religious beliefs, Old Navy clothing, moderate to conservative political views, bad Chardonnay, equally bad espresso, cookie-cutter houses, Bath & Body Works hygiene products, and very white-collar employment.”

Bad Chardonnay? Oh well… this back-story as told by Jeff and Allen seques into a conversation about community and accountability, and while the conversation briefly edges into some frank & explicit phrases, nothing here is meant to offend or insult.

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