Episode 1: Who ARE These Guys?

Welcome to PrimalCast! Who ARE these guys, anyway? In this initial episode, Jeff & Allen introduce themselves and talk about culture, growing up in Texas and Mississippi. As they swap stories back and forth of growing up, they also talk about American culture and the modern church.

Just who ARE these guys? We thought you’d never ask… Here’s a list of famous and notable people born in Texas – and Allen is NOT on the list… (yet). And here’s a list of famous and notable people born in Mississippi – it’s almost bigger list than Texas. BUT Jeff is not on this list… 

During this episode, we mention the Prodigal Son and the Elder Brother…. it’s a reference to a story told in the Scriptures by Jesus. You can find the story in Luke 15:11-32. Both Allen and Jeff refer to themselves as prodigals.

Allen wrote about this some time ago in a post titled, “Coming Home: Thoughts From A Prodigal” – if you can relate, then feel free to comment or to email us at primalcastonline@gmail.com.

And the bonus link in this episode’s show notes is just for you: How to Blow a Cow Horn

Thanks for joining us! Talk at ya soon

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